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VESCA has strong commitment to qualify system deployment. We use Very Effective Software Computer Application (VESCA) solutions delivery methodology. The most important factor for success in today's business climate is the ability to make swift operational and financial decisions. At VESCA Consulting, we take pride in our ability to question, to examine, and to understand the unique traits that distinguish how different businesses operate, what makes them successful, and how software can be used to improve productivity.

We believe that our success is defined and measured by your success. Therefore, we take client selection very seriously.

VESCA Consulting is uniquely qualified to help you solve your problems and reach your goals through a proven six-step process:

Deserved Industriousness
The first step to any successful system implementation begins with conscientiousness in paying proper attention to a task. Deserved Industriousness is the work done up front to understand your business goals and needs, and to ensure that our implementation approach represent the best solution to successfully meet those goals and needs.
Implantation Design
We will work with you to design a detailed implementation plan that will serve as the blueprint to keep the entire team focused on the end result of meeting your business needs and goals.

We follow the iterative model of development - an intermediate model between the traditional Waterfall method and the Extreme Programming methods. The plan identifies the major components of the implementation process and attaches them to an estimated timeline.
Pilot Implementation
Pilot implementation is to build and test a working model. The objective is to show how system can be tailored to meet the requirements identified in deserved industriousness.

VESCA will:
 Create the working model
 Prepare testers
 Conduct the test and document results
 Develop custom training

By testing and debugging your project management environment with pilot implementation, we identify and resolve any issues in structure and information flow. We also develop coding schemes for activities, resources, project structures and build code dictionaries to ensure consistency of data throughout your environment.
Implementation Training
VESCA believes that the many important decisions made during module planning and implementation needs to be documented. Detailed, customized Procedures Manuals may need to be developed that document the system as it is implemented for you, and include step-by-step instructions for processing information through the system. These Procedure Manuals are enhanced with training exercises and are used to conduct module training.
VESCA continue to provide on-site direction and support, allowing us to troubleshoot and solve any unforeseen challenges that arise. Whether you're implementing system for the first time, or adding on to an existing system.
Implementation Overview
The final step in the implementation plan includes a formal assessment of results achieved and lessons learned. This will be presented as a formal, detailed presentation.

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